At The Chiropractic Wellness Institute, we work closely with other great health practitioners to ensure you achieve your best health.  We spend time in the community getting to know other health providers so that we can send our patients to the best services available.  Below are a few health providers we work with most frequently:


Massage Therapists

Physical Therapists

One Body Therapy

One Body Therapy is located in Scottsdale at Shea and Scottsdale Rd.  Kristin Geer and her staff go above and beyond to help you as your body heals!  Give them a call (602)561-7000.  Or visit their website:


Touch of Life Massage

Touch of Life is located in our office!  James and Tika are excellent massage therapists serving the East Valley!  There main areas of focus are therapeutic massage and injury recovery.  Give them a call (623) 377-7404.  Or visit their website:

A Kneaded Massage

Sharree in the West Valley is an experienced and quality massage therapist!  Give her a call to schedule an appointment: (602)550-0858

The Doctors of Physical Therapy

The Doctors of Physical Therapy is one of the best physical therapy clinics in the area.  Dr Tom Padilla started DPT with the goal of doing better work with fewer visits and they achieve that with each patient they see.  Give them a call (480)482-0651.  Or visit their website:


Holistic Medicine 

Mental/Emotional Health

Ethos Integrative Medicine

Dr Alex Mayer and Dr Matt Hernandez at Ethos Integrative Medicine are both Naturopathic Medical Doctors who focus on finding the core of health problems.  Dr Matt focuses on sport's medicine and men's health. If you have a knee or shoulder issue, he is the doctor to talk to!  Dr Alex focuses on women's health.  If you have a hormone imbalance or thyroid problems, she is the doctor for you!  Give them a call at: (480)360-0115.  Or visit their website:

Pure Health Naturopathic

Pure Health Naturopathic is located in Gilbert.  Dr Travis Mowery is a naturopathic medical doctor who focuses on natural forms of healing.  He takes time with each patient to determine the problem and give you the tools you need to to take charge of your health.  Give him a call at (480) 630-6297.  Or visit their website:


True Perceptions 

Barbara Porter with True Perceptions utilizes an emotional release technique call "Processing".  Processing stored up emotions allows people to overcome emotional challenges (depression, anxiety, trauma, weight loss, etc) and to live life more presently.  Give her a call at: (480)570-8850.  Or visit their website: