Can NUCCA Chiropractic help with autism spectrum symptoms?

We’ve seen tremendous success with autism spectrum symptoms through NUCCA treatment.

“NUCCA has changed my life and the life of my family! It is by far one of the best forms of healthcare and I think everyone should experience it.”

– Brent

Does your child suffer from autism spectrum symptoms?

Fails to respond to his or her name or appears not to hear you at times

Doesn't speak or has delayed speech, or loses previous ability to say words or sentences

Resists cuddling and holding, and seems to prefer playing alone, retreating into his or her own world

Can't start a conversation or keep one going, or only starts one to make requests or label items

Has poor eye contact and lacks facial expression

Speaks with an abnormal tone or rhythm and may use a singsong voice or robot-like speech

NUCCA Chiropractic can help with autism spectrum

We’ve seen tremendous success through NUCCA in relieving autism spectrum symptoms. At the Chiropractic Wellness Institute, our vision is to help create a healthier, happier community in Mesa and Arizona through NUCCA Chiropractic. We can help you:

Experience less autism spectrum symptoms

Live a healthier life overall

Improve all-around wellness

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