What to Expect

Interested in starting NUCCA Chiropractic? Here’s what you can expect from a visit to our office.

Initial Consultation: 1 Hour

The biggest question people ask is: “Can NUCCA help me?” Answering that question is the primary purpose of the initial consultation with Dr. Kerrigan. Dr. Kerrigan will review your health history, perform various tests, and give you an overview of the NUCCA technique. Then you and Dr. Kerrigan can decide if NUCCA is right for you.

Personalized health history

Chiropractic Evaluation

Postural Assessment

Initial x-rays as indicated

First NUCCA Chiropractic Adjustment: 1-2 Hours

The next step in your NUCCA chiropractic adjustment is to actually do your initial adjustment. We’ll have you lay on the adjustment table, and Dr. Kerrigan will gently adjust your atlas vertebrae. 

Personalized health report

NUCCA Chiropractic adjustment

Post X-rays to measure postural change

​Follow-Up Visits: 15-30 Minutes 

After your first adjustment, future adjustments will go much more quickly. Dr. Kerrigan will check your posture, determine if you are out of alignment or not, and if so, perform a gentle NUCCA adjustment. 

Postural assessment

NUCCA chiropractic adjustments (if indicated)

One-on-one health counseling


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“Dr. Kerrigan was so immensely helpful in getting me well and active without pain.”


Overall Health

“Dr. Kerrigan was an amazing find for resolving tension and knots I’d been dealing with in my neck, shoulders and back for several years.”


Neck Pain

“Kerrigan determined where a correction was needed, and through a series of gentle adjustments, has changed my wife’s life. We are so thankful for his talents and service which has made a real and lasting difference in her life.”


Headache / Naseau / Vertigo

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