Chiropractic Wellness Institute Price List

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Chiropractic Wellness Institute Price List

NUCCA Chiropractic

TypeSession TimePrice
Exam/Consult60 minutes$95
Adjustment10-15 minutes$65 per visit
Radiology Fee15-30 minutes$295 One time fee

Children Under 12

TypeSession TimePrice
Evaluation45 minutes$95
Adjustment10-15 minutes$50 per visit
Radiology (over 5 years)15-25 minutes$295 one time fee

Additional Information

We are a small, fee-for-service clinic, meaning that we collect payment at the time of service (cash, credit card, check, flexible savings accounts and health savings accounts). We do not offer insurance billing.

“Dr. Kerrigan was so immensely helpful in getting me well and active without pain.”


Overall Health

“Dr. Kerrigan was an amazing find for resolving tension and knots I’d been dealing with in my neck, shoulders and back for several years.”


Neck Pain

“Kerrigan determined where a correction was needed and through a series of gentle adjustments, has changed my wife’s life. We are so thankful for his talents and service which has made a real and lasting difference in her life.”


Headache / Naseau / Vertigo

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